Introduction: Oreo Chocolate Thingies With Mini M&ms!

This is my instructable/recipe for oreo chocolate ball things with mini m&ms.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

2 packs of oreos
100 grams of cream cheese (almost half a pack of philly cream cheese)
2 tubes of mini m&ms
2 200g blocks of white chocolate
1 block of dark or milk chocolate (or 1 bag of Cadbury dark choc melts like I have)
100s and 1000s


Step 2:

First, crush the oreos up. All of them, whole.
You can put them in a food processor until they're just crumbs, like in the picture.

If you don't have a food processor, crush them with a wooden spoon and/or stick blender until the oreos look like dirt. It's best to do it in a deep bowl.

Step 3:

Then mix it in two batches of crumbed oreos with the cream cheese, 50g at a time.
You need to do it with your hands, and it WILL get messy.
Then you mix in the m&ms, just pour them into the bowl and push the oreo mix on top of them, kneading it until it's all evenly combined.

You can eat about a pinch's worth of the m&ms. Just a pinch, like 5 of them. 

Step 4:

Cover a dinner plate with baking paper and roll the mixture into balls (about 1.5 to 2cm in diameter).
Then make the second batch, the rest of the oreo crumbs with 50g of cream cheese.

You should have about 30 to 40 all up after you've made both batches. Get about a 3/4 teaspoon's worth of mix and shape it with your hands.
Then cover the plate and balls with glad wrap or aluminium foil and put them in the fridge for an hour.

Step 5:

Soup break!
No seriously don't stand around waiting, they need to be in there a while.
Watch the news or something. Make your dinner, I don't know.

Step 6:

Now to melt the white chocolate. Chop it up into at least half the size the normal blocks are, so about 1cm cubes. The smaller you chop it the faster it melts so you get the idea.

You need to melt it in a double boiler. The picture shall explain easier than words, but this is how you melt it.

Fill a small saucepan about half full with water, and place it on a low heat. Put a ceramic or metal bowl on top (ceramic will stay cooler just so you know), and put the chocolate in the ceramic bowl. Stir it with a metal tablespoon. The metal is emphasised, or you will learn from your mistakes.

Stir the chocolate until it's melted and smooth. 

Step 7:

The photo is steamy.
Don't let any other liquid get into the chocolate or it will go bad.

Get two dinner plates and cover them with baking paper. Put these next to the stove where you're melting the chocolate.
Stick a skewer into the ball (I'm using those things you use to hold corn on the cob, they're just the right size) and dip in into the chocolate, you don't have to cover it all because that's what the dark chocolate is for. 
Place the ball onto the baking paper with the uncovered side facing up, the white chocolate will make a puddle on the paper but that's okay. When you do the rest of the balls, don't let them touch or they'll stick together and make it difficult for you later.

Put the plates into the freezer for half an hour or until chocolate has set. When it has set, you can start melting the dark chocolate.

Step 8:

What to do with the excess melted chocolate you say? It is too melted to eat right now.
Well, get out a smaller plate and cover it with baking paper (yes I am aware you're using a lot of it, but I don't care)
Spoon the chocolate onto it and leave it out. When you have melted the dark chocolate, spoon that on top of the white chocolate and cover with sprinkles. Put it in the freezer until set and MAGICAL SPRINKLE MARBLE CHOCOLATE
(It tastes really good, okay, trust me.)

Step 9:

Get a small bowl and fill it with about 2 tablespoons of sprinkles.
Then melt the dark chocolate in another bowl over the saucepan (you may need to top up the water now)
Grab out the first plate you put into the freezer and get yet ANOTHER dinner plate covered in baking paper. Do the same as you did with the white chocolate, except for 2 things;
- dip the uncovered part in the dark chocolate and place it white side DOWN on the plate. You can use your hands, and it will get messy.
- after putting in on the plate, put 2 pinches of sprinkles on top. You need to do this straight after you've put them on the plate or the chocolate might set!

Do the rest of the chocolate balls and put them on plates, don't let them touch or they'll stick!

Step 10: Congrats Guys!

Put them back in the freezer until the chocolate is set!
When they're set, you now have a lot of oreo chocolate thingies (and one block of marble sprinkle chocolate)!
Well done you!
You need to eat them within one day.
That's the catch.

I hope you had fun!