Introduction: Oreo Dip #HMS2020

Hi today i will be making Oreo dip. Its like nachos but with Oreo. I forgot to mention this but you dip it with the Oreo or a Biscoff cookies. Also hi mr.gadd


1. oreos

2. 2 bowls

3. microwave

4. knife

Step 1:

get a knife and take out the cream from the oreo in a bowl

Step 2:

put it in the microwave in for 45 seconds the take it out

Step 3:

Get as many oreos as u want in a bowl

Step 4:

Put the other oreo part in the other bowl

Step 5:

when your done put the cream in the microwave

Step 6: Conclusion

overall it was really didn't really take that long. It was like 5-10 minutes.

Step 7:

then in enjoy

Step 8:

Hello mr gadd