Introduction: Oreo Milkshake Tutorial

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Today I am doing a tribute to Grandpa from Grandpa Kitchen. He was known on YouTube for taking care of orphans. He was filmed preparing the food that he fed the orphans and it was always neat to watch him feed so many children in India. He never wrote down any measurements or recipe but everything I've tried to recreate turned out delicious from his channel. Sadly Grandpa is no longer here with us and I am sure the orphans and his family miss him greatly so I will be recreating his Oreo Milkshake (the measurements are my own) and I've scaled back because I'll only be making four milkshakes and I've changed a few things around because we don't have all the ingredients that Grandpa had in India. So if you want to see how I made this Oreo Milkshake follow along step by step or watch the video tutorial. Let's go!


Step 1: Ingredients

For the Milkshake

  • 8 Chocolate Oreos
  • 2 cups milk
  • ¼ cup sugar


  • 4 Chocolate Oreos
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Ice Cream
  • Chocolate Wafer Roll
  • Weight Converter (if you need help converting the measurements)

Step 2: Add Oreos, Milk and Sugar to a Blender

To a blender or food processor add in chocolate Oreos, milk and sugar.

Step 3: Blend

Blend or pulse until smooth.

Step 4: Crush Oreos for the Top

Crush 4 Oreos for the topping in a Ziplock bag. You can add more if you like but I found that 4 chocolate Oreos works great.

Step 5: Add Chocolate Syrup

Add chocolate syrup to serving cup. I am using hot fudge but I would recommend the Hershey's Chocolate Syrup instead, my grocery store was out of it so I picked up the hot fudge instead.

Step 6: Assemble

Add Oreo milkshake mixture about ¾ of the way up, you'll noticed that the mixture separates and that is alright. Add a scoop of ice cream of your choice.

Step 7: Add Toppings

Top milkshake with crushed chocolate cookies, more chocolate syrup. Add one chocolate wafer roll and one chocolate Oreo.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Enjoy this sweet Chocolate Oreo Milkshake!

Step 9: Video Tutorial

You can watch the video tutorial here!