Introduction: Oreo Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

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Every time I use candy melts, I tell myself I will never use them again.  Apparently, I'm not good at listening to myself!  I think it's a good thing, because I got to make these fun cupcakes with candy melt dipped oreos!

Step 1: Supplies

Edible Supplies:

Supplies You Shouldn't Eat:

  • Cupcake Pan
  • Cupcake Liners
  • Container to melt melts
  • Cling Wrap
  • Zip Lock Bag
  • Wilton Piping Tips, I used the #2 round and #5 round
  • Wax Paper

Step 2: Dunking Oreos

You'll need to make your cupcakes.  There is nothing special there, just make them and give them time to cool.

To get ready to dunk your Oreos, get a piece of wax paper out.  You will need a pretty big piece if you do as many as I did.  Then, in a container, carefully melt your candy melts.  Gather your Oreos and you are ready to go!

My initial idea for dunking these Oreos, was to stick toothpicks in the cream and then dunk them like that so I could easily remove the toothpick after they were dunked.  This does not work.  Because the candy melts are so dense, they cause the toothpick to act as a lever and instead of dunking it in and taking it out all nicely, it pries your Oreo apart and causes a mess.

So, to dunk my oreos, I just threw them in the candy melts and used a fork to get them out.  Sometimes they had too much coating and when they did I would lightly press them against the side of the bowl to get off some of the excess.  Once they were dunked, I carefully set them on the wax paper.  I put them so they were standing on their side if I could.

Step 3: Stems and Leaves

Use the same method for melting candy melts and getting them ready with the wilton tips as I did with the Skeleton Cupcakes (Step 3).  You will not need many candy melts of green or brown at all.  You are only doing small details and it goes a long way.  I had extra after I did everything and so I drew out chocolate bats and did green vines, which I did use later.


Heat up your chocolate candy melts first.  Prepare a ziplock bag and you will be using a #4 round tip.  I show in the pictures above how I did the stems.  It's fairly simple.  All I really tried to make sure I did was got a nice thick stem that sort of stuck up.  Their stems aren't always that long, so you just need a little stubby one on top.


Heat up your green candy melts for your stems.  I used 12 pieces and it was definitely enough.  Now just draw some vines on your pumpkins.  I did a couple leaves using the same method as the stems, except, in stead of pulling up and away from the pumpkin, I kinda of went along the pumpkin.  You can see a little leaf in Photo 5.  With your extra green, draw some vines on your wax paper.  I put these on some of the cupcakes later, just for a little extra something, something.

*Tip: Since you don't really get the zip lock dirty because the candy melts are wrapped in cling wrap, you can use both corners of the bag.  Then you only need one bag to do the stems and the vines.
**Another Tip: Make sure when you put the melts in the cling wrap, that you really twist the ends and get the candy melts all grouped in the middle.  Otherwise they will spread out in the cling wrap as they melt and as you smush them.

Step 4: Putting Together Your Pumpkin Patch

Now all you need to do is frost up your cupcakes.  Throw on some sprinkles and put on a pumpkin or too.  Do not press the pumpkin in like you did with the bones in the Skeleton Cupcakes.  This won't push them in the cupcake because the pumpkins are too fat.  This will just make a mess of the frosting.  Just set them on top.  They should stay fairly well.  The more frosting you use the better, because while they won't push into the cupcake, you can bury them in the frosting.  I put some more sprinkles around the base of the pumpkin once it was on the cupcake.

For the Great Pumpkin, you are going to need to cut a slice out of the pumpkin.  See photos 8 - 10.  Once you cut out the slice and frost it, make sure you remember where it is because it is hard to tell once the cupcake is frosted :)

Now you can put your pumpkins on all of your cupcakes and throw some vines in as well.  I tried to make it look like the vines were coming from under the pumpkins (though, I know the vines would be around the stems).


I always take so many pictures of my finished projects to get just the right one.  So I am sharing a bunch with you here :)

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