Organic Blackberry Jam

Introduction: Organic Blackberry Jam

There are different ways to conserve our food. Salting it or putting in smoke is a easy way to do it. But, obviously, we can't do it with a sweet fruit. Then, the humanity did it: We created the jelly.

There are some differences between "Jelly", "Marmelade" and "Jam". Here, in Brazil, we just call it all "geléia". We still have the "Marmelada", that's different of a marmelade. It's exclusively made of marmelo.

But, now, let's make this sweet jam of fresh blackberry!

All you need is:

- 2 Kg of fresh taken blackberries

-1 Kg of organic sugar (Crystal sugar, not refined)

- An iron pan

- Fire

- Glass pots

Step 1: Getting Started

At first, you need to take a lot of fresh blackberries. It takes some time to get 2 Kg in a single day, but if the tree is grown up, you can get it easily.

Now, put the blackberries in a blender, and mash them 'till they blend.

Step 2: Cooking

To cook the jam, I made a homemade wood stove. You can cook in a common stove too, but it tastes different when you use the firewood.

So, put the blackberry paste in the pan and take it to the fire. Let it boil, stirring with a wood spoon. Then put the sugar in the pan.

After some time, the white foam will disappear, then you can take the pan out of the fire.

Step 3: Bottling

While the jam is hot and net, take it to a glass pot (You can use a clean used glass pot.)

Perhaps you'll need more than three pots. Here, I made 3 and a half pots.

After all, it's time to make the best step: eat it.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you like it.

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