Introduction: Organic Garden Nutrient Bomb

This little contraption will deliver a concentrated nutrient boost to your growing area for tasty and organic veg. Perfect for early autumn and winter soil rejuvenation.

Step 1: Gather You Materials

For this little project you will need a drill and drill bit plus a 4" pipe and a small clay pot with the same size as the pipe( little bigger) to use it to cover it at the end.
Oh you will also need some worms

Step 2: Drill the Holes

Use your drill and bit to make lots of small holes in the bottom 30 cm of the pipe
Use a big hole attachment to make a few larger holes if you have one

Step 3: Make a Hole and Fix Into the Ground

Dig a whole about 30 cm deep snd secure the pipe in the upright position
With the holes buried into the ground

Step 4: Fill It Up

First use some kitchen scrap to add to the bottom inside the pipe followed by some soil. I use my digging tool to use to add the soil on the top

Step 5: Get Some Worms

If you have worms add some to the top of the mix and they will start the nice juicing process

Step 6: Cover It Up

Keep filling your pipe until it fool and jeep adding food soil snd worms in that order.
Place a pipe inside each growing area to give it a special organic nutrient boost.