Introduction: Organization Is the Half Life

In this instructable, I will be sharing you some useful tips how you can organize your home office. At this time, it is very important to create a work plan.

I hope you can enjoy this and find it helpful!

Step 1: Write a List

First it is very important that you write all tasks together on a list. This gives you a first overview.

Step 2: Computer Work

Now you write all days of the week with the computer and print it out of a colorful paper. Then you make boxes with the computer and print it out again on a colored paper. The boxes should be 8 by 3 cm.

Step 3: Lamination

Currently you laminate the sheets that you have printed out bevor. Then you cut the boxes with the scissors.

Step 4: Pin Board

Now you give the boxes with the day of the week on the pin board. So you habe a first survey.

Step 5: Meal Plan

Now you consider delicious recipes and then you write the recipes in the boxes. One recipe in one box. When you're done, you think what you want to cook on which day. You put a card for a day on the pin board.

Step 6: School/Uni Stuff

Now you take your list on hand and write all the tasks on a card. It is important that you write the date when you emit your homework.

Then you think on which day you must to do the homework and put them on the appropriate day on the pin board.

On the right side of the pin board I put the tasks, which I don't have to do now.

Step 7: Sport

In this stressful time, it is very important to go out and get some fresh air. You can go for a walk, run or do a workout in the forest. I think it is very enjoyable.

You must try it.

Step 8: Thank You for Reading!

I hope you enjoyed reading my instructable and I really hope that I could help you. In the next days you sit down to do your Uni staff, try to use my tips with the pin board. Make sure to go vote for me on the new Distance Learning contest!