Introduction: Organizational Hacks

Hi guys!  In this instructable I'm going to show you how to mount your Nerf guns to the wall, upcycle a soda can into a pencil holder, and organize your stuff using shoe boxes.  I hope that you guys enjoy!  Also, if you have a second I'd really appreciate it if you vote for my instructable.  Thanks!

Step 1: Mounting Nerf Guns on the Wall

Unfortunately this picture is sideways because if I had turned the camera around, I would have only gotten in one gun.

Anyway, this is fairly simple, just trace the Nerf gun on the wall (this will help later when you're hammering in the nails), and identify where you want the nails to go.  Most guns will only need three nails, but as you can see, I sometimes found it necessary to use more.

Once you've traced the gun and identified where the nails are going to go in, simply hammer the nails in, and hang the Nerf gun!
This not only looks cool, but it also puts the Nerf guns in an easily accessible place.

Step 2: Using Shoe Boxes to Organize Your Stuff

Unfortunately this picture is sideways, but you get the general drift.  With some labels and shoe boxes you can make a organizer that is very effective.  

Some of the shoe boxes I painted or taped over to make them look better, but the majority I left as is.

Step 3: Upcycling Soda Cans Into Pencil Holders

The first thing you want to do is rinse out the can and let it dry.  The last thing you want is a few drops of soda left in it that get the pencils dirty.

Next you have to cut the top off of the can; I used a utility knife for this, but you could also use scissors.  

After you cut off the top, it's probably going to be pretty jagged and uneven.  So simply take some scissors and make the top as even and straight as possible, this isn't really critical but it helps make the can look better.

Next cut tabs in the can about 1/4 of an inch deep and 1/4 of an inch long.  (I'm not explaining this really well, but look at the picture.)

Then simply fold down the tabs (this makes the can "safe" (i.e. you can't cut yourself on the rim)), and voila!  A very simple pencil holder.  You can put paper on the cans or modify the cans in any way to make them look better, but I didn't feel that that was necessary.  Thanks for looking at my instructable!  

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