Introduction: Origami BIG Lucky Stars

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Origami lucky stars are small, paper stars that are pinched to become sort of "puffy". I love these cute little stars, but I wanted a bigger version. Of course, you could use this to make a small one, but I going to show how I made a big one! Let's get started! You'll need:

  • Scissors/Paper Cutter
  • Letter Printer Paper (you can use colored paper if you want)
  • Drawing Utensil
  • Ruler
  • Hands

That's all you need! I'm pretty sure everyone has theses.

Step 1: Cutting the Strips

I think the easiest ideal ratio is 0.5:11 inches, which means (for the small ones) you can just cut a strip easily from an 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper. But we're making BIG lucky stars, so we need to up that ratio to at least 1:22. how about 2:44? sound big enough? I think that's big enough for now. For now...

So I just used a straight paper cutter, cut two 1 by 11 strips, then taped them together. Don't worry, the tape won't show. For the 2:44 inch one, you'll need to cut four 2 by 11 strips, and so on for bigger. Now, if you had some special 16 by 22 paper or whatever, and a large enough cutter or are good at using scissors, then go for it! but I don't have such fancy materials.

Later I might do some bigger stars, but only if I'm feeling lucky.

hah get it? (I'm sorry)

Step 2: Folding the Strips

First, we need to basically tie a knot in the paper strip. Hold the strip near an end, take the end, loop it around, and put it through the loop. then pull the longer end of the strip and tighten the knot until it is nearly flat, then flatten it. Now, I'm left-handed, so sorry if the pictures are confusing. (Go lefties!) Once you've tightened the knot, you should have a pentagonal shape with one super long paper strip coming out and a shorter one. Cut the shorter strip off, and focus on the long one. Fold the long strip back, against the flat paper edge, and not the triangle space.Once you've done this, you can keep folding it against the edges until you only have enough strip left to wrap around the pentagon 1.5 times.

Step 3: The Finishing Touch

When you have finished folding/wrapping, whatever you call it, you can tuck the end through the sort-of flap, and then fold it around and tuck it under the other two sort-of flaps of the other side. Once all you have is a large hexagon, then pick an edge with no layers, stick your fingernail in the middle, and push, while letting the pentagon expand, then repeat five more times, doing them one at a time, side to side. This does take some practice, so take your time!

Boom! Done! how does it look? If one side is caved in and not puffy, then you either didn't wrap the strip around enough, or you didn't pinch/expand the flat edges correctly. Don't worry! You can do this!

Step 4: Yay! Your Done!

Alright! how's that for a first instructable? Feel free to leave comments/questions about this instructable, add a picture of your star, or instructive criticism, because, after all, this is my first instructable. Have a good day!

UPDATE: I also made a super tiny one!

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