Introduction: Origami Bases and Basics

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This is the first in a hopefully long series about origami. This is written as a reference for beginners, so if you are advanced or intermediate, please come here if you don't understand something in one of my models. In Bases and Basics, I will teach about various folds and ways to start models, some of which even start other bases. I am open to any questions, comments, or suggestions that you may have. 

Step 1: The Squash Fold

To do this, you simply press where needed and shape the paper into the shape you want. To illustrate this, I showed the example of the fox puppet.

Step 2: The Inside Reverse Fold and the Outside Reverse Fold

In this, I will make a beak and a tail.

Step 3: The Blintz Base

This one's easy. You fold and unfold to make an "X", and then fold the corners into the center.

Step 4: The Square Base

This one will be one of the most commonly used bases. You fold and unfold to make a cross, or a "t", and then you flip it over, fold on the diagonal, which will be opposite to the "t", and then you flip back over and collapse on the lines by taking the right and left corners and basically move them so that they're side by side on the bottom. It took a while for me to figure it out on my own. You're lucky, you have help.

Step 5: The Water-bomb Base

This is similar to the square base, but instead of making a "t", you will make an "X". Then you flip it over to make a square, fold a line parallel to the edges, flip back over and "collapse on existing creases".

Step 6: The Kite Base and Fish Base

For the kite base, you fold in half, then fold the bottom left and right sides to lay parallel to the middle line. This is the kite base. To make the fish base, you flip it over, fold the tip of the bottom to the tip of the top. You flip it back over, then pull the right corner in to the middle. The whole right side will become a straight line, so make it even with the middle. Repeat on the left side and your fish base is done.


Step 7: The Boat Base

This is sometimes called a model. You first fold and unfold to make an "X", then you fold and unfold to make a "t". You should end up with a "*". You now fold the left and right sides to the center, then fold the top and bottom sides to the center. Now reach in to the upper right corner and pull out that flap that's underneath. Not all the way, just enough to make it a triangle. Simply do the same for the rest of the flaps, fold it in half backwards, and wallah! Boat base.

Step 8: The Fish Base

Start off with your newly learned square base. Now fold the whole thing in half and unfold. Fold the bottom left and right sides to the middle (One layer only). Then fold the top down, pivoting on the top edge of the two previous folds. Now unfold the last three folds. You should have four triangles. Here's the hard step. Grab the bottom corner, TOP LAYER ONLY!!!! Fold it up, using the top, most recent fold as a guideline. use the two bottom folds to crease it into a nice diamond. Now flip it over and repeat on the other side and presto! Your fish base is done.

Step 9: The Frog Base

1)Start with a square base. 2)Fold in half. 3)There are four flaps in the square base, so lift the left flap. Squash fold it. 4)Fold the right side of the squashed portion to the left. Squash fold the flap on the right. 5)Flip it over. 6)Squash fold the flap on the left, and then fold it over and do the one on the right. They should all line up. 7)Now using the one on top, fold the left and right sides to line up with the middle and fold the top down. It should go to the bottom. 8)Unfold step seven. 9) Do like the previous base and fold up on the top line, and in on the side lines. 10) fold the top layer to the left, and the layer under that to the left, and repeat steps 7-9 on that layer. Flip over, and repeat steps 7-9 on the remaining two sides. You have completed the fish base. Happy foldings!