Introduction: Origami Boxes

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Honestly, I suck at origami. No matter how hard I try, I'm confused by it and sometimes get angry at the paper or whatever I'm working with. I will be the first to say that even though I find origami difficult, this is probably the easiest origami creation that you will ever make. I know, it sounds crazy, but this is very simple and fun. It's also great for organizing and things like that, so I hope you enjoy this!

Step 1: Materials

For this origami box, you will need...
•2 Sheets of Paper (1 if you don't want a lid)
•1 glue stick

You do not need a pencil. Sorry that I took the picture with the pencil in it. Oops!

Step 2: Get Your Paper

Choose what color you would like to use for the bottom part of your origami box.

Step 3: Fold

If you are not using origami paper or square paper, fold as shown. Then cut the excess paper off.

Step 4: Now You Have a Square

Step 5: Fold... a Lot

In the next few steps, you will be folding the paper and creating creases so that when you're actually making the box, it'll be very easy to fold.

Step 6: Fold Fold Fold

Step 7: Like a Quilt

When you're all done, your paper should look like this. Yes, I know that it looks like a quilt. Pretty neat, huh?

Step 8: Time to Cut

On my paper, I have drawn dotted lines so that you can see where we are going to cut. Keep in mind that this step is not at all necessary.

Step 9: Cutting

Cut as shown on two sides. Only two sides!

Step 10: Glueing

Now you can begin glueing! Follow the pictures for glueing, because I won't be able to explain very well=)

Step 11:

Step 12:

Step 13: Yay!

Yay, now you have a box! Well, half of it. Of you only want this portion of the box, then thanks for viewing! If not, keep on reading the steps...

Step 14: Time to Make Another Box

Now you have to make one more box, just repeating the same process as before. Make sure you use a square sheet of paper! Go ahead and make that box!

Step 15: Now You're Done!

Now you have (hopefully) successfully made this box! Sorry for the lack of clarification, but I hope that you made your own box=)

Step 16: Different Uses

These little boxes have tons of purposeful ways to be used:
•Loom Band Organizers
•Bead Organizers
•Gift Boxes
•Plain Old Boxes for Holding Things
•Anything You Make It Into!

Thank you so much for viewing and I hope you enjoyed it! =)
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