Introduction: Origami Crane

Make sure you have a poster note or origami paper. If you don't have either, it just needs to be a square paper that is nicely cut.

Then, You will fold the paper across, and press downwards

Step 1: Building a Crane

Next you will fold the end points of the triangle together

To create a smaller triangle

It should look like the last photo

Step 2: Building a Crane

Next undo the recent fold

Then you will flatten the opening flat to create a diamond shaped figure

You should have a triangle on the side of the diamond(shown in the 3 picture)

You will flatten the triangle on the other side to create a diamond shape on both sides

It should look the photo in the last picture.

Step 3: Building a Crane

Next you will fold the top flaps of the Diamond to the center

Then you will do it on the other side of the flat

(Example: Shown in the second photo)

After this you will do the same on the other side of the diamond

After you do this on both sides, you will take the top fold and fold it downwards on both the back and the front

Step 4: Building a Crane

Next You will un-do the last step

After that you will have to open the diamond, and flip it up

(look like the picture in the first photo)

After that you will have to take the top flap of the paper and bend it towards the middle

(Shown in the second photo)

Next you will do the say to the other side of the flap, and then do the same for the back of the paper

Step 5: Building a Crane

Next the parts that you folded to the center

You will now take the edge of the paper and fold it inwards

After doing that on each edge, you will then flip it up

(Shown in the last photo)

Step 6: Building a Crane

Finally You will pull the two flaps slowly apart and get a bird's wings without a head

After you have done that you will have two points that look like tails

You can choose which ever one you want to use as the head and press it halfway done

The finish product should look like the one shown

**Don't worry about it being prefect on your first try, it takes time to get it perfectly straight**