Introduction: Origami Crane

For this you will need

  • a piece of printer paper (if you have a square piece of paper use that instead)
  • and scissors (not needed but helpful for an early step)

Step 1: Square the Paper

Only do this step if you don't already have a square piece of paper

  1. bend the top right corner down to the left side to make a right triangle
  2. if you have scissors use them to cut the rectangle at the bottom off
  3. if you don't have scissors bend the rectangular piece back and forth making a crease
  4. make a small tear at one end and slowly lengthen it until the rectangle is no longer connected to the triangle

Step 2: Fold #1

  1. fold the now square piece of paper in half vertically and horizontally creasing it with each fold

Step 3: Fold #2

  1. fold the paper along the diagonally (if you started with a rectangular piece of paper use the same fold used to make it square)
  2. fold the corners into the center between the halves of the paper and crease them
  3. it will end up looking like a small diamond

Step 4: Fold #3

  1. Take the first layer of the right corner and fold it into the center creasing the paper (tip - start the crease at the pointy part of the fold to make a cleaner crease.)
  2. repeat for the other four corners
  3. then fold the top down on and make a crease (this and the next part will help with the next fold)
  4. flip it over and repeat
  5. it should look like a kite at the end of this step

Step 5: Fold #4

  1. make the paper look like a diamond again
  2. take the first layer of the bottom corner and pull it up until it pulls the left and right corners into the center (this should be when you start to see the crease you made in the last step)
  3. then fold the left and right corners into the center and crease the outer edges
  4. repeat with the other side
  5. orient the paper so the point closest to you has a slit down the middle

Step 6: Fold #5 Almost Done

  1. take the first layer of the right corner and fold it into the middle lining up the outer edge with the middle slit
  2. repeat with the other three corners

Step 7: Fold #6

  1. turn the paper to the side and open it up
  2. fold the bottom piece up into the gap folding the bottom piece in on itself
  3. repeat with the other side (these will become the head and tail)
  4. crease the bottom so the pieces don't unfold (Tip - crease the side you want to be the tail at an angle rather than flat to have the tail stick out more)

Step 8: Fold #7

  1. take the piece you want to be the head and fold the tip down until it wants to make a crease and pinch the sides together
  2. take the flaps on the side and fold them down to make the wings

Step 9: Stylistic Folds

These are purely optional

Curved Wings

  1. take a wing to the corner of a desk and pull the wing back and forth until the desired curvature


  1. have the paper crane face you and bend the two corners at the base out a little bit (does not need to be bent far)
  2. and repeat with the other side

Step 10: Your Done!!!!!

Step back and admire your work.