Introduction: Origami Crane Decoration

I've been looking for a great hanging origami decoration for a while now. But I haven't come across something that has a nice natural feel. This is why I have decided to make a Paper Origami Crane Hanging Decoration. Because I wanted the great natural feel of this decoration, I used some wood from my back yard to use as the support for the crane decoration.

Eventually I wanted a decoration that

  • Looked natural
  • Incorporates origami and paper
  • Something that is 100% hand made

It took me awhile to figure out how to make something like this, but now this is now my favourite paper origami crane decoration. It adds texture, warmth and tranquillity to a cold area of my house.

So, in this Instructable I am going to show and share, how to make my Paper Origami Crane Hanging Decoration.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


  • Scissors
  • Hot glue Gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Rag or cloth (to get sticky and can be thrown out)


  • UKIYOE Chiyogami Paper Size of 15cm X 15cm (or you can just use any other types of origami paper)
  • Mono Clear Fishing Line (or any sting but clear see-through line makes it look like the cranes are flying)
  • A moderate sized branch
  • Varnish

Step 2: Making the Cranes Step 1 to 4

Step 1. Start with the colour side of the paper up. Fold the paper on the diagonals on both sides. Unfold. Turnover

Step 2. Book fold on both sides. Unfold

Step 3. Bring the Left, Top and Right corners to meet in the bottom corner. Start with the Left and Right corners together, then the Top corner.

Step 4. You have completed the preliminary base of the crane.

Step 3: Step 5 to 8

Step 5. Fold the left and right top layer to the centre

Step 6. Fold and unfold the top triangle town. Then unfold the flaps

Step 7. Lift the top layer upwards. Turn over

Step 8. Repeat steps 5-8

Step 4: Step 9 to 19

Step 9. Narrow the bottom points of the top layer only. Turn over and repeat on the other side

Step 10. Reverse fold the bottom point upwards. Repeat on the other side

Step 11. You have completed the body of the crane

Step 12. Reverse fold the point to create the head.

Step 13. Fold both wings down.

Step 14. Pull the wings out gently to form and shape the body.

Step 15. Repeat all steps another 18 time to make a total of 19 cranes

Step 5: Varnishing the Wood

Step 1. Dip the corner of the rag into the vanish. Use a small amount of varnish as you can come back for more.

Step 2. Follow the instruction of the varnish tin for drying and re coating times

Sorry, their are no photos in this step showing me varnishing the wood as I don't have a camera set up for taking photos while I varnish. (sorry for the inconvenience)

Step 6: Tying the Cranes to the Line

Step 1. Feed the line thought the middle of the crane.

Step 2. Using the hot glue gun, glue the line the the base of the crane.

Step 3. Repeat using steps 1 to 2 to create a strand of cranes.

Step 7: Adding the Cranes to the Wood

Step 1. Using the strand of cranes, tie them to the top of the wood.

Step 2. Repeat this until you use all of the strands of cranes.

Step 8: FINISHED!!!

AWESOME! Now that you have finished making the Paper Origami Crane Hanging Decoration!

Now all you have to do now is find a great spot to hang it. Then just admire your hard work.

I hope you enjoined making this Instructable! This was my first Instructable as well as the first competition I have entered in instructables. So, please vote!

Also a very special thanks to @jessyratfink and her instructable on HOW TO WRITE AN INSTRUCTABLE. This made it very easy for me to do my very first Instructable! Thank you @jessyratfink!

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