Origami Flapping Bird

Introduction: Origami Flapping Bird

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Make an easy origami flapping bird

Step 1: Bird Base

Make the original BIRD BASE

Step 2: Fold Over

Fold the right flap over the left then do the same to the back

Step 3: Fold Up the Wings

Fold the bottom flap up and do the same to the other side

Step 4: Pull Out the Sides

Fold the flaps in the middle out do the same to both

Step 5: Folding the Wings

Fold the sides down about a centimeter at the front then at the back about 5 millimetres from the bottom

It can be folded on either side

Step 6: Folding the Head

The side the the wings are folded you fold the head

Step 7: Making It Flap

Push the wings up a bit then pull the tail to make it flap

Step 8: Go Play

Now your done go show your friends and family!

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11 months ago

If you need any help I will post a whole video on it all being made