Introduction: Origami Flapping Crane

Today I will show how to make flapping crane as shown

Step 1:

Fold the paper diagonally and cut the excess paper

Step 2:

Unfold what you just folded and fold the paper diagonally on the other side

Step 3:

Unfold again and fold it down horizontally

Step 4:

Unfold that and fold it vertically

Step 5:

Now fold it diagonally again and fold in the sides to make a square

Step 6:

Now fold the side of the paper into the center both front and back

Step 7:

Fold down on the top of the paper and then unfold it

Step 8:

Now this may be tricky for beginners but unfold the side and lift up the bottom flap and raise it above the top of the paper on both sides and it make a diamond

Step 9:

Now let's make the tail and neck, grab the bottom side of the paper and fold it up on both sides

Step 10:

Now to make the head all you have to do is fold down the tip of the neck

Step 11:

Fold down the wings and you have completed you flapping crane

Step 12:

Now let's learn how to make the crane flap, it very simple all you have to do is hold the bottom of the neck with one hand and pull up on the tail. enjoy your crane!