Introduction: Origami Floating Lotus

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Hello Its Ninja99 here to Show you how to make a Floating Lotus.

Needed Items:
A Square Piece Of Paper

Optional Items:
Wax or a crayon

Step 1: Lets Start

First you need to get your only needed item : the Piece of Paper.

Step 2: Diagonal Folds

Fold Diagonally on the square piece of paper both sides.

Step 3: Blitzy Frenzy

We Are going to do the blitz base over and over again so get ready to fold.

Step 4: Second Blitz Base Folds

Your Gonna have to Blitz the model again when your done doing that flip the model over.

Step 5: Last Blitz

This is the last blitz. When you are done flip it over.

Step 6:

Your Gonna Have to Pull the flaps under to make the petals see picture
There is a Secret technique in the 4th picture in this step.
Repeat on other petals.

Step 7: Finshed

This is what you should get.
It can float well

Step 8: Crayon and Wax Part

Use your wax candle or crayon to rub a thick layer of wax on the bottom.