Introduction: Origami Fortune Teller

Imagine you are babysitting children between the ages 9 and 14. You want to play a game with them that is age appropriate for both of them to be included and keep them entertained because they’re not allowed to play video games, be on electronics, or watch tv while there’s a babysitter. So you decide to make an origami fortune teller to play with them & entertain them!


  1. Paper
  2. Scissors

Step 1: Starting Position

Start with paper laying vertically in front of you.

Step 2: The First Fold

Fold top right corner to the left edge of the paper until the top border is perfectly aligned with the left edge of the paper.

Step 3: Using the Scissors

Use the scissors to cut the bottom rectangle that is under the now folded triangle.

Step 4: The Perfect Square

Open the triangle back up so the paper is now a perfect square.

Step 5: A Perfect Triangle

Fold top left corner to meet bottom right corner.

Step 6: Back to a Perfect Square

Open the triangle back up so the paper is back to a square.

Step 7: First Permanent Fold

Fold top right corner to the middle point of the paper.

Step 8: Repetition

Repeat step 7 for all 4 corners.

Step 9: Turn Over

Turn paper over so that the side with no folds is facing upward.

Step 10: Similar to Step 7

Take the top right corner & fold it to so the the corner meets the middle point of the paper.

Step 11: Repetition of Step 10

Repeat step 10 for all 4 corners.

Step 12: Small Rectangle

With all 4 corners folded, meeting at the center of the paper (after step 11), fold the square in half to look like a rectangle (not a triangle) with the triangular folds on the inside of the fold & the squared shaped folds on the outside.

Step 13: Left Pointer Finger Placement

With the paper folded in the shape of a rectangle with the squared shape folds on the outside, put your left pointer finger underneath one of the fold flaps on the left side.

Step 14: Left Thumb Placement

Put your left thumb underneath the fold flap on the opposite side of your left pointer finger.

Step 15: Right Pointer Finger Placement

Repeat step 12 with you right pointer finger.

Step 16: Right Thumb Placement

Repeat step 13 with your right thumb.

Step 17: Fortune Teller Complete

Pinch all 4 fingers together towards each other (Origami fortune teller created).

Step 18: How It Works

To use this fortune teller, keep right & left pointer fingers together & keep right & left thumbs together & pull pointer fingers away from thumbs.

Step 19: Learning the Movements

Then put right pointer finger together with right thumb, & left pointer finger with left thumb, & pull left fingers away from right fingers.

Step 20: Play!

Smoothly go back & forth between steps 18 & 19 to use fortune teller.