Introduction: Origami Lily

This is a simple way to create an origami lily


Origami Paper or Regular Paper



Step 1: Start With a Square Piece of Paper

If you are using a regular piece of paper, then create an 8x8 square using the ruler and scissors.

Step 2: Fold the Top Corner to the Bottom Corner, Crease the Center

To help crease the paper better, you can use either your fingernail or the ruler

Step 3: Fold the Left Corner to the Right Corner, Creasing the Center

Step 4: Open the Top Layer and Squash It Down Will Creasing the Sides

Step 5: Turn the Paper Over and Squash the Flap Down

This time the paper will be on the left side and you will squash it down like you did on the other side. This creates a diamond.

Step 6: Lift Up the Upper Layer of the Right Side, Open It Up, and Squash It Down

After you do this on the one side, continue to do it on the other three sides.

Step 7: Rotate the Diamond Upside Down

Step 8: Fold the Figure in Half

Take the bottom corner and fold it up to top corner and then unfold it

Step 9: Fold the Upper and Left and Right Edges to the Center and Then Unfold It

Step 10: Squash Fold the Pocket

Pull down the pocket at the middle and crease the sides, this will create another smaller diamond and you will fold the pointy little flap up

Step 11: Squash the Three Other Pockets and Fold the Little Flaps Up

Step 12: Fold the Upper Layer of the Left Flap to the Right to Get a Blank Side

Step 13: Fold the Lower Left and Right Edges to the Center

Repeat this for all three sides

Step 14: Fold the Petals Down

You can also use a pencil to curl it but it's not necessary