Introduction: Origami Lit Christmas Tree

Many people do origami. But how about an origami Christmas tree magic lit with UV light?

Step 1: What We Need:

modular origami pieces (a lot),

UV fluorescent tube 8w (30cm)

2x 4pin Molex connectors from an old PC source (optional),

one spray cap,

fluorescent light bulb circuit from a broken flurorescent light bulb,

Power cable

Step 2: The Origami Part

First we have to make many origami triangles as in Pic.1. In my Christmas Tree I've used 10 lines (rows) of "branches" from top to bottom as follows:

1st row: base of 9 triangles and 3 peaks,

2nd row: base of 12 triangles and 4 peaks,

3rd row: base of 18 triangles and 5 peaks,

4th row: base of 18 triungles and 6 peaks, rows

5th-10th row: base of 21 triangles and 7 peaks.

And by peaks I mean branches. For the biggest one (10th) I used about 22 A4 sheets of paper meaning 352 triangles. My examples can be used as a model.

Step 3: Electic Part and Final

In the spray cap we make two small holes in the middle (A) and one a bit larger (B) and one hole in the side (C). (Pic.2) From the molex connector we'll use only the middle wires so you can cut those at the edge. (Pic.3) Take a molex connector with long wires (35cm/13.7 in) and pass its wires through the large hole at the top of the spray cap (B), then solder the wires to the old bulb circuit. Solder the other molex connector with shorter wires to the old bulb circuit. Pass the power cable through the side hole of the spray cap (C) and solder it to the old bulb circuit. Fix the florescent tube with its pins through the two small holes (A) and connect them to the shorter molex cable. Then connect the long molex connector to the top of the fluorescent tube. I said the two molex connectors are optional because you may solder wires directly to the fluorescent tube if you want.

Then glue the circuit inside the spray cap making sure that all the connections are isolated. Connect it to the power source (220V or 110V depending where you are) and make sure the flourescent tube lit. Now put the origami rows into the fluorescent tube one by one, from the biggest to the smaller one. Actually, the 1st and 2nd rows (the smaller ones) might not fit into the light tube so you can just glue them on top.

That's it! Marry Christmas everyone!