Introduction: Origami Lucky Star (puffy Star)

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This is a cute puffy star. You can put a inspirational verse in them or make them just for fun. It is believed if you fill a jar full of the stars it will bring you good luck. Let's begin!

Step 1: Cutting the Paper

Take a sheet of paper (any paper will do fine) and lay it down vertically. Measure one-half of a inch with a ruler and mark it with a pen. Next, place the ruler vertically at the one-half inch mark and draw a line with the pen. Cut on the line and you should have a one-half inch wide strip of paper.

Step 2: The Folding

(This is hard to explain, so bare with me.) Take the end of the paper and put it behind the longer piece of paper and through the hole. The way I think about it, is you basically make a flattened knot in the paper. There should be five sides. If there is an extra flap of paper cut it off. Now take the big flap of paper and fold it backwards. It should automatically go to one of the five sides. Next, fold it over again and again, until there is no more paper to fold over. Tuck the end of the paper in one of the folds.

Step 3: Make It Puff

Do not press it down the star will not puff. Basically, what you do is you hold two sides with your one hand and two with the other. Press in between the two points in. Repeat for the other sides until it looks like a star. Your done! Time to make some more!

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