Introduction: Origami : Make a Dolphin (Easy)


I have holiday,So i makes Origami For paper Dolphin.It's is very easy make and way to way.

Follow Just make Dolphin way to way picture.

Step 1: Starting Waterbomb Base Folding (Step 1)

1: Start with an origami paper color side up. Make a valley fold from left to right (or right to left). Crease the fold well and unfold the paper.

2: Now make another valley fold, this time from bottom to top along the dash line as shown. Crease the fold well and unfold the paper.

(Sorry Bad For picture color.I have been using tab)

Step 2: Waterbomb Base Folding (Step 2 )

3: Flip the paper over.

4: Now make a valley fold along the diagonal line as shown, crease well and unfold paper.

5:Now make Same a valley fold along the other diagonal, crease well and unfold paper.

Step 3: Waterbomb Base Folding (Step 3)

6: OK, time to actually put the base together.
If you've creased the paper well, then the paper should come together like magic. If not, you'll understand why creasing well is so important in origami.

Start pushing the paper from both sides.

7:As you push the sides in, the background triangle should form. Hold it down as you continue to bring both sides together.
Once the sides meet in the center, your base is already half done. Push the paper down to form the triangle and you're done!

Step 4: Starting Make Dolphin

1:Then valley fold approximately along the line unfolded shown.

2:Valley fold again on top.

Step 5: Step 1

3:Valley fold approximately along the shown to form the dorsal (top) fin of the dolphin.

4:Then valley fold again as shown. The origami piece should now look like .

Step 6: Step 2

5:Make a pleat as shown to start forming the nose of the dolphin.

Step 7: Step 3

6:Next do an inside reverse fold to start forming the tail.

7:Then reverse fold only the inner layer of the tail upwards.

Step 8: Step 4

8:Make another valley fold to complete the flipper. Then do small valley folds on the nose to make a curved shape.

Step 9: Step 5

9:Fold the tip of the nose back, then turn the piece over.

10:Your origami dolphin is now complete!

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