Introduction: Origami Modular Heart Cube

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Step 1: Start by cutting a square origami paper in half. we only need half a sheet for each unit.
Step 2: Fold paper in half on both horizontal and vertical axis. Crease well and unfold.
Step 3: Fold both the right and left sides to the center. Crease well.
Step 4: fold the bottom edge to the center. Crease well.
Step 5: Fold the bottom part to the center again. Crease well.
Step 6: Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for the top half of the paper.
Step 7: Unfold paper. Fold the bottom edge over the first horizontal crease.
Step 8: Flip paper over. Fold both bottom tips to the center. Crease well.
Step 9: now make a montain fold where indicated.
Step 10: now Fold the bottom edge to line AB.
Step 11: Make another mountain fold where indicated
Step 12: Flip paper over. Fold all 4 tips to the center.
Step 13: Make 2 vertical folds.
Step 14: Flip paper over. Make the 4 small diagonal moutain folds to shape heart.
and this completes one unit.
Step 15: Repeat Steps 1 to 14 and make total of 6 units.
Step 16: Now, if you've made the other modular origami on this site before , you'd know that assemble the units, often times we just insert the tips ito pockets.
This cube is no different. Each unit has 2 tips and 2 pockets. We'll utilize them to assemble the cube.
Starting with 2 units, insert one tip into one pocket.
Step 17: Now, take another unit and insert its tip into other pocket.
Step 18: Now just repeat Steps 16 and 17 to assemble the rest of the units.
and here's the completed origami modular heart cube!

Enjoy your folding, hope u all like it.