Introduction: Origami Camellia Folding Instructions

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Step 1: Start with a 6 inch square (15cm x 15cm) origami paper, color side face down.
Step 2: Make 2 triangle folds, one along each diagonal axis. Crease well and unfold.
Step 3: Fold point A to meet the diagonal crease.
Step 4: Now fold point B to meet the other diagonal crease.
Step 5: Now we’ll need to make a squash fold, which is not difficult. You just have to know where to crease the paper.
Pry open paper. Then crease down.
Press down the fold.
Step 6: Now fold point C to meet the line D-E.
Step 7: Now we have to make a squash fold, like we did in Step 5.
Pry open paper and crease it down.
Once you’ve make the crease, it’s pretty easy to squash down the fold.
Step 8: fold point F to meet G.
Step 9: Time to repeat the squash fold again. This time we need to make a crease along.
Pry open paper and crease well.
Then make a squash fold.
Step 10: Almost there! We now need to bring the bottom flap to the top. Then bring point H to I.
First, lift up the top flap…
Then pry open the bottom part of paper…
The bottom flap comes to the top.  Swivel point H to meet I.
Press paper flat.
Step 11: here comes another squash fold! Crease well along the line. Then make a squash fold.
Step 12: Bring point H back down and tuck it in to the J pockets.
Step 13: Now we’ll tuck in point J as well.
Step 14: Some finishing touches…make 4 small creases for the “petals”.
And your origami camellia is complete!

Will I make this origami camellia is easy as you think is  difficult and is not difficult at all, I enjoying on doing this origami camellia will try make some of this origami now I think you all will enjoy this.