Introduction: Origami Modular Wreath

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Step 1: Start with a 6 inch square paper color side down. Fold in half.
Step 2: Fold the right tip to meet the top tip.
Step 3: Now fold the top tip down to meet the bottom tip. Crease well and unfold.
Step 4: make a squash fold. Open the paper slightly and squash it down to form a square. The edges should all line up.
Step 5: Flip paper over.
Step 6: Fold the top layer down.
Step 7: Now fold the right side over.
Step 8: Flip paper over. This is your modular unit. You will need to make 8 of these. We’ve chosen to use 2 colors, green and orange, but you can make all of the same color or a different color for each of the units.
Step 9: time to put the units together! Place 2 units side by side. The “larger” square on the orange unit should fit into the “smaller” square of the green unit.
Step 10: Flip the units over. Fold the green tip over and tucking the green tip under the orange unit. Flipping the units over.
Step 11: you now have to repeat Step 9 and 10 for the rest of the units. Once again, you’ll fit one unit into the other.
Step 12: Flip units over. Tuck in the tip.
Step 13: Repeat steps 9 and 10 for the remaining 4 units.