Introduction: Origami Night Lamp

Once the kids at my school are done with paper circuits and basic 3D modeling, I use this project to gives them the chance to test their understanding of circuits and connections and using measurements and tools while designing on SketchUp.

This also makes origami fun and I feel that this makes kids become more interested in learning origami.

In this Instructables, we'll learn to fold Pyramid and Pikachu origami. and then use a paper circuit to glow it with LEDs.


1) For Pyramid Lamp: Butter paper. A4 size

2) For Pikachu Lamp: Origami paper. 15cms*15cms

3) Ice cream sticks or 3d printer(Optional)

4) LED (Yellow and Red)

5) Copper Tape

6) Coin cell battery

7) Marker/Sketch pen. Red and Black

Step 1: Origami Pyramid:

1) Fold the butter paper in half vertically. Sharpen the crease with your fingernail and unfold it.

2) Flip the paper and fold the paper in half horizontally. Sharpen the crease and unfold.

At this step, you notice that horizontal crease is folded inside like a valley(Valley Fold) and Vertical crease isfolded outside like mountains(Mountain Fold).

3) Now first, fold the top right corner to the bottom corner. Unfold it and then fold the bottom right corner to the top left. Sharpen all the creases and unfold.

At this step, notice two equilateral triangles at the center on either side of the horizontal crease with thevertical mountain fold crease as altitude of the triangles.

4) Fold the top right corner to the diagonal and sharpen the crease and folds. Then fold the bottom right corner to the diagonal, sharpen the crease and unfold. Now, fold the bottom left corner to the diagonal and sharpen the crease and folds. Then fold the top right corner to the diagonal, sharpen the crease and unfold.

At this step, you will notice that the only top right and bottom left corners are folded.

5) Pinch the two sides of the bottom equilateral triangle and mountain fold the bottom triangle so that its altitude folds upward. Fold this mountain fold to the right and interlock it with the flap-like fold. Repeat this with upper equilateral triangle.

6) Flatten it and sharpen all the creases. The Pyramid is ready.

Step 2: Origami Pikachu:

1) Start with the colored side up(I'm using single colored paper). Fold the paper in half, vertically and horizontally. Sharpen the creases and unfold.

2) Flip the paper upside down and fold it diagonally, so that we get to diagonal creases. Flip the paper to the color side again

At This point, you will have two horizontal(Vally Crease) and two diagonal creases(Mountain Crease).

3) Vally Fold the horizontal crease so that we get a Star like figure. Flatten this star by bringing the adjutant corner together.

At this step, you will have two triangles, one on top of the other, with the top point facing away and the flat edge closest to you.

4) With The edge of the triangle towards you. Fold the side corners to the top to give it a diamond shape.

5) Fold the side flaps into the middle on each side to get a diamond shape with flat sides.

6) Now, fold the top flaps down. Fold the left and right top flaps down in half and slide the tips into the little pockets. Sharpen the folds and the creases. You can use glue to stick them in so that they don't come out when we inflate it.

7) Flip the paper and repeat steps 4 and 5.

8) Now, fold the left and right top flaps down. Sharpen the crease and unfold. This will the ears of our Pikachu. Color the end of the ears with a black marker/sketch pen.

9) Blow in the tiny hole at the bottom of the Pikachu to inflate it. Draw eyes, nose n cheeks of Pikachu and its ready

Step 3: Making It Glow:

Here the task of the students is to design a base and a battery holder for their origami lamp. They can either use a 3D printer or ice cream sticks. The challenge is to apply their understanding of circuits to switch the lamp On and Off without any switch.

For Pikachu, I've used a 3D printed base and holder. The circular model in the picture above is the base of Pikachu and Hexagonal one is the holder. Make the connections as shown in the second picture. When the base is placed on the holder, the path gets completed and then starts glowing.

For Pyramid, I've use ice-cream sticks. using copper tape and sticks, make the connections, as shown above, The LED will be placed between the two parallel sticks. When Pyramid is placed on the holder, the circuit will be completed and LED will start glowing.

Step 4: Glow It in the Dark:

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