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Introduction: Origami Ninja Stars

About: Hi, I;m Isaac Tanti from Malta, 20 years old and im an IT student! Computers have always interested me from when I ever was a little kid, and now I have the ability to program my own programs and computers!

This is a basic origami and it's very nice, all you need is an A4 Printer paper and some scissors. When you finish it comment. (Don't aim in the face with the ninja stars !!!)

Step 1: Step 1: Basic Cuts and Folds.

First, take the A4 paper and fold it in half. Then unfold it and you can see the middle line. Take the scissors and cut it in half.

Step 2: More Foldes and Cuts.

After you've cut the A4 paper in half, take one of the half cut paper and fold it again (place it horizontal and fold horizontal). Now fold it again the same method.(for help see in pictures i uploaded). Now, fold it vertically.(for help see in uploaded pictures).

Step 3: The Cut and Half a Ninja Star.

OK, after we've folded vertically, we need to cross-fold it. OK here is what i mean, you have a line in the middle of your foldet paper, you have to fold the edge i show you in picture with the line. Then turn it 90�, and do the same. Now flip it over and fold the tips of it to form almost a square, and cut the upper almost square off.(see in uploaded picture for help).Then, fold the upper right edge with the lower left edge. Do the same for the other side. Now once you've done both sides, fold the triangles you have just made on the parallelogram.(if you don't know what a parallelogram is see the bog on one of the pictures). Then do the same to the other side. It should look like the last picture of this step.

Step 4: The Final Fold.

Now, once you have made one half, you have to do another half. It's the same as the other one.(the first half). Now you have to fold the two half into each other. Hold each half one vertical and one horizontal. Put them onto each other.(see pics for help). Now start folding each triangle onto each other. Then the last triangle put it under the first triangle you've fold down. And there you have it, the origami ninja star. wOOOOOOOOOOOT!!

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I am selling them to the boys but I am not done yet I am going to be soon I am selling them for tickets we get tickets for correct and good behavior. Here is a picture of it I did not actually make it but this is how I made it so here it is


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Good job my friend.. if you want you can also make a Frisbee with them

Umm what i meant was 5 tickets I am going to sell them for 5 tickets that is what I meant


7 years ago

I made it to the final step but got confused at what to do? Any help


10 years ago on Introduction

ha thanks a lot. im making them and selling them at school. I havent sold many yet but people like it. Thanks


11 years ago on Introduction

very good, i think this is a tad easier to follow than the other method which is on here. however, i do have one critisism: after step 3, when you fold the second half of the star, i think you should make it clear that this one needs to be folded in the opposite directions, else you get two pieces that are the same, rather than two pieces which mirror one another. i hope you get what i mean, i'm not great at explaining things :) but yeah, nice job


Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

yeah, ty for your explanation! merry Christmas!!