Introduction: Origami Note Rose

This rose is a cute way to pass a note to that special someone. They are simple to make and with practice can be made in under 5 minutes. The best part is that you don't need special origami paper to make them; they only require notebook or printer paper.

For reference:

BLACK line is CUT

RED line is VALLEY FOLD (valley folds have both ends rising off the table like a 'V')

BLUE line is MOUNTAIN FOLD (mountain folds have the fold rising off the table line a 'ʌ')

Step 1: Materials

Get any type of paper that is similar in size to note book paper.

Note: I recommend using notebook paper. It will make the twisting step less difficult.

Step 2: Cut the Sections

You will start by cutting your paper into three sections. One section is half of the paper and the other two are quarter sections. The largest will be the rose bud and the two other sections will make up the stem and base.

Note: Make sharp folds with your nails or use scissors to split the paper.

Step 3: The Rose Bud Base

Fold the large section in half and fold the edges into the center.

Step 4:

Fold the base length wise in half. Then open the fold.

Note: For experienced origami enthusiasts, we are making 4 waterbomb (balloon) bases (two on each side).

Step 5:

Make the diagonal folds by bringing the edges along the center fold.

Step 6:

Make 4 mountain folds: 2 in the center of the red X's and 2 above and below the red X's.

Step 7:

Repeat steps 5 and 6 above and below the previous red X's to make a total of 4 red X's.

Note: You will use the last two mountain folds you made in the previous step to help make the new X's.

Step 8:

Collapse an X into the waterbomb (balloon) base. Start by folding along the red X while bringing the central blue line of each X together. If the folds were don't in the correct direction, the base will naturally collapse.

Step 9:

Repeat step 8 for all of the red X's so you will have 2 waterbomb (balloon) bases on each side.

Note: Try to make the folds and collapses neat. This will help in the twisting step.

Step 10:

Continue step 9.

Step 11:

Fold in the final flaps to align with the water bomb base. Make sure the final fold leaves each side open to opposite directions.

Step 12:

Take the final two flaps and hook them inside each other.

Step 13:

Pinch the sides of the hooked flaps tightly and press them together in order to make a tight twist. You can also pinch the twist to make it tighter.

These next few steps require more finesse than technique. If you are going to mess up, these are the steps you most likely will. Don't be discouraged, it took me a little while to get it down. Practicing these next few steps a few times on a few roses will greatly improve the result.

Note: The color was removed because no more folding diagrams were necessary.

Step 14:

Hold the top of the twist and continue to twist the rose bud until it is tight. Don't worry about it not looking neat yet, the primping comes later.

Note: Make sure your holding the bottom of the rose bud properly with the tips of your fingers as shown. This will make it easier to twist.

Step 15:

If the rose petals are focused on two opposite sides, then you have twisted too tightly. Simply untwist the rose bud slightly and adjust the position of the petals.

Step 16:

Primp the pedals of the rose by folding them down. You can also adjust the position of the petals to make the rose bud more symmetrical.

Step 17: The Stem

Start by taking one of the quarter sections and folding it in half length-wise. Then fold it in half again. And finally split the piece width-wise into two pieces to make two sides of the stem.

Step 18: The Base

Start by taking the final quarter section and folding it in half width-wise. Then fold it in half again. Then fold it in half again, but only making a pinch in the center. Finally, pinch it in half length-wise and make a split in the paper half way down to the edge.

Step 19: Final Assembly

Step 20:

First, start with the rose bud and the two stem pieces. Notice the two flaps of paper underneath the rose bud where the petals end. Insert one of the stem pieces into the last petal just above one of the flaps seen before. Make a tight fold on the stem piece towards the bottom of the rose bud. Repeat on the other side of the rose bud with the other stem piece.

Step 21:

Fold both of the stem pieces at roughly a 45 degree angle at the base of the rose bud. Fold both of the stem pieces around the fold just made. Take the first stem piece and fold it around to the opposing side of the second stem piece. Twist the step pieces together very tightly while pulling them downward towards the ends of the stem pieces. Make sure not to twist too tightly and rip the paper, but also twist tight enough so the stem is firm. Stop twisting the just before the end of the stem pieces so there are two small tabs left at the bottom of the stem.

Step 22:

Fold open the stem piece tabs at the bottom. It also helps to press the tabs flat on a table.

Note: For extra length you can loosen the twist, pull the bottom of the stem, and twist it again.

Step 23:

Press the tabs together and insert both into the base. Pull the stem through the base.

Step 24:

Fold open the tabs again and pull the base flat against them.

Step 25: Write on It!

Now the note rose is completed! Write a cute message on it and give it to that special someone :)