Origami Pikachu

Introduction: Origami Pikachu

About: Yo! My name is alanood, I’m an expert Otaku, I’m also the 6th Hokage and the 10th holder of one for all! I like to do crafts and sketchings! Go beyond plus ultra! Dattebayo!

The hyperactive ninja has struck again! Pika pi!


One (or more) pieces of yellow origami paper
*optional* one red marker and one black marker

Step 1:

So your gonig to want to fold the paper in half once then fold diagonally twice, like in the picture.

Step 2:

Then fold the two corners in and flaten.

Step 3:

Now fold the two bottom edges of the triangle up, repeat on both sides

Step 4:

Now take the two side corners and fold them in, repeat on both sides.

Step 5:

Take the two flaps on the top and fold them in, repeat on both sides

Step 6:

Now fold the flap over again and tuck it into the little pocket, only do this on one side, because the other side will be the kawaii little pikachu ears!

Step 7:

Now blow into the little hole on the other side to make it puff up.

Step 8: This Step Is Totally Optional But Highly Recommend!

Now take the black marker and outline a kawaii little face onto the paper, then color it in with the red marker!
Done! You now have a super kawaii pikachu for your desk! I named my three kaminari, denki,and naruto!

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    1 year ago

    This fold is super cute!