Introduction: Naruto Ichiraku Ramen Shop Desk Banner +secret Tutorial

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Yo! Himawari🌻 here! Today i’m gonna show you how to make the ichiraku ramen shop banner for your desk!
This is a very simple craft and uses supplies you can find around the house!
At the end of this tutorial, there will be a secret tutorial! Its also Naruto themed, so just read to the end to find out what it is!
(Do you like my super Otaku desk?lol) 😂😁


What you need:
-red, brown, cream, (or yellow and white and just mix them to make cream) paints.
-white construction paper(or cream, and just skip the “white yellow paints”)
-a pencil
-extra paper
-hot glue gun, (or tape)
-small paint brush, and a medium sized one

Step 1:

Okay, so just to get this straight, you can do a bigger one, i’m just doing a small one cause i want to, but you can do what ever size you want.
The amount of pieces you need depends on what you want your banner to say, if you want the og ichiraku banner, then your going to need five cut pieces of paper.
The picture above Are the two pieces i was thinking on using, so i ended up using the bigger one. I highly recommend that size.
One of the pieces is about on and a half inches, so i hope that helps ya 😁.

Tip: if you don't have scissors, or want a more accurate cut, then crease the fold really good, and then gently rip it down the middle.

Step 2:

Now your going to want to paint them cream colored (if you don’t have cream colored paper) the picture above is what they look like when they are fully painted.

Step 3:

The next step, is to draw on another piece of paper, the words your going to put on them.
The ones i did is Japanese for ichiraku ramen shop, so if your going for that, then just copy the words i used.

Step 4:

Now that the paper is dry, your going to want to get out your red and brown paint to make a mahogany colored paint (or if you have paint that is that color, just use that)
And again, if you want to do a different color, be my guest, i’m just showing you how to do the original colors. 😁

Step 5:

Okay, here comes the fun part!
Painting the words on the banner!
For this, i used a small paint brush to be more precise.
if you like, you can practice it on another piece of paper, but me, i like to just dive right in and do it!
( as you see all the practice words i did in the background😂)
Use the paper that has the words on it as a kind of guide for this part.
You can even lightly sketch them on top of the banner, if you want.

Tip: make sure the words are in the correct order, you don’t want a banner that says raichira kuamen lol. (I mean, unless you do which is totally cool with me😂)

Step 6:

Now, get your mod podge, and go over all of them, let it dry, then go over the back as well.

Step 7:

Now you need the hot glue gun, string, and somewhere to hang it!

Heat the glue gun up, (or don’t if you have tape, but i think hot glue works better)
Get a long piece of string, it doesn’t really matter what color.

Step 8:

Now that the hot glue gun is heated up, we can start assembling! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I love assembling!

Now put a thin line of hot glue on the back of the first banner piece, and attach it to the string, then continue with the rest!
Make sure there is a equal amount of space between them all.

Step 9:

You are done! Enjoy this handmade-by-you Naruto banner!
Don’t forget to scroll down for the secret tutorial!

Step 10: Secret Tutorial

Sorry, there isn’t going to be any instruction pictures, so i’ll describe it as best i can!

Step 11:

You will need:
-A glass jar, (or a tin can)
-one piece of paper
-black paint
-red paint
- cream paint
-a paint brush
- and more Naruto-know-how from the last project!

First, get the can or jar, whichever one you have, and paint the whole thing red.

Then get The paper and fold it in half longways.
Then, cut it in half equally.
Paint one black, and paint one cream colored(you can do whatever color you want actually)
Let them dry, then take the cream colored one, and cut both edges longways, so when you put it on top of the black one you can see black.
Mod podge them both together , and let it dry.
Then use your paint brush and do something on the middle of the two papers.
For example, the word i did means “sun”, but you can do anything you want.
Lastly, mod podge the paper on the jar, and make sure its equally on it.
Let dry.
You’re done! YAYAYAAY, you know have a banner, and a scroll pencil holder for your desk!
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Till next time,
-Himawari 🌻

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