Introduction: Origami Pikachu Tutorial.

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Hi everyone, this is my first instructable tutorial and i'm going be show you how to make this cute and tiny Pikachu cube in origami ... It's really easy to make and I hope you guys like it!

Step 1: Materials You'll Need:

Go and find this materials...

  • Yellow paper
  • Red maker
  • Black marker

Step 2:

First image:

  • This is my paper size but you ca use any size of paper that you like.

Second image:

  • Here you gonna fold your paper vertical and horizontal.

Third image:

  • And here you gonna fold your paper on both diagonals.

Step 3:

In this step we're gonna draw the kawaii face using our makers...

  • Draw the face with black and red markers in the center of your paper, adding some blush with red and making the eyes and mouth with black.
  • In the up-corners of our paper draw little squares with black marker
  • The final image is how it's going to look like

Step 4:

  • Turn over the paper, the triangule with the mouth have to be down
  • Now you're gonna turn inside the triangles

Step 5:

  • Open and flat

Step 6:

Fold the corners just like the images...

Step 7:

Turn over the paper and repeat the last steps

Step 8:

First and second image:

  • Here you're gonna fold to the center

Third and fourd image:

  • And now in this step we're gonna take the top corner and fold it down

Step 9:

First image:

  • You're gonna take the tip and insert like a pocket

Second image:

  • And do the same to the other

Step 10:

  • Turn over the paper and repeat the same step of above

Step 11:

First and second image:

  • Take the tip and fold like the image

Third image:

  • On this little hole you're gonna blow and blow...

Step 12:

And.. TA-DA! You're done

If you like this tutorial please comment and share, don't forget to give credits if you take any picture and if you make this you can send me a picture of your tiny Pikachu! to my e-mail