Introduction: Origami Rainbow Crown

I made this crown when i was playing around with the preliminary base.

Step 1: The Priliminary Base

First you have to get at most 8 pieces of paper. Then fold a piece of paper in half and half again. After that turn the piece of paper over and fold once diagonally, place the paper so that the diagonal fold is lifting up and the parallel folds are facing down. Put your finger in the middle of the paper and push down so the corners pop up then there should be two squares with no fold and two with a fold. Get the two squares with the fold and put on top of one of the squares with no folds. Then some of the paper should be sticking out on the top. While holding down the two corners in the middle push down on the top, then remove your fingers and fold everything in place. If this was two hard e you to understand (because I'm a terrible writer) you might be able to find a video or a book for the preliminary base that will explain it better.

Step 2: More Folding

Fold the bottom half to the top of the preliminary base (repeat on both sides). Then you should have two sharp corners, fold the corner the edge on both sides. Open the model and fold the two squares in half as shown in the picture. Then it back together. The two corners that we folded before are pockets so we can put our fingers inside and make it bigger. Collapse the pocket on itself then fold it together like the picture.

Step 3: Putting It Together

Get two of the model and the one on the right should go under and around the other one. Then tuck the flaps on both side inside one of the models. Just repeat and you are done!

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