Introduction: Origami Rose Box

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Today we'll start my Origami Unit with the Rose Box.

(I don't know who created it but credit to them anyway.)

This is not the first Origami flower I have learned but one of my favorites :) so let's get started!

Step 1: Grab Six Sheets of Paper

To start you need 6 pieces of paper whether it's square sheets, printer paper, or just plain note book paper (like me :D)

Step 2: Squares!

Now you need to take those 6 sheets of paper and make them squares. (if you have already done this or had square sheets handy skip this step.)

Option 1-Line the bottom edge up with a side edge like in the picture. then cut the rest off (do this with scissors or fold the bottom piece up (pic 2) and scrape the edge of your finger nail or something slightly sharp along the edge and tear or lick it and tear...your choice)

Option 2- (How I did it) With the holes on the right take the left bottom corner and bring it up and make a triangle (same as before only you need to line the bottom edge up with the pink margins line (pic 3))

Now fold the right edge over where it's even with the right edge of your triangle.(pic 4) Now use one of the three cutting methods to cut this strip off.(pic 5). Do the same with the top strip.(pic 6)Now do this to ALL of your pieces of paper

Step 3: Starting the Real Work

1-Take one of you squares and fold it in half (pic 1)

2-Unfold and then fold to the middle line (pic 2) now unfold it back to a square.(to make the next steps easier)Now keep the diagonal line going from top left to bottom right (makes it a lot easier)

3-Now fold the bottom left corner up the diagonal line till you reach the third line going across.(pic 3) Now do it from the top left corner.

4-Start with whichever triangle you want and fold the line back (pic 4,5, and 6) do it to the other and you'll get something like pic 7.

5-Flip it over (pic 8) and fold the extra flaps down (pic 9 and 10)You end up with something like this (pic 11)

6-Next you fold the points in and make a square(pic 12) Now do these steps to 2 more of you 5 sheets that you have left (pic 13)

Step 4: Half Way Done!!

1-With the three sheets you have left do steps 1-3 (pic 1)

2-Now fold the bottom flap in to where it makes a small triangle on the end(pic 2)

3-Now fold the point in like in pic 3

4- Next you need to fold the corner in like pic 4 (sorry I can't describe it better :/ )

5-Flip it over and fold the flap in (pic 5)

6-Now fold the points in (pic 6)
Now do this to the rest of your paper

Step 5: So Close!!

Now you have 6 lititle square. Were gonna call the oyes on the left A's and the ones on the right B's

1-Take your A's and aline them like so (pic 2)

2- Now put them together (pic 3) (there's a slit in the middle. pit the point inside it) now you got something like this (pic 4) Take the bottom one and the loose point any put them together (pic 5 and 6) Now you have something like this (pic 7)

3- Take your B's and aline them like so (pic 8) put them together like in pic 9 and 10. Next take the two loose ends (pic 11) and put them together (pic 12) now you have something like this (pic 13)

Step 6: Your Pieces of Paper Away

If you can't tell what's next I'll tell you!! We put the pieces together like in pictures 2-7 (that was all the flaps too)
Boom your done!!!......What? It doesn't look like a rose?....Hmmm I guess you need to know how to open the box huh?

Lucky for you I know how :D
First you need to find one of the small points. so open up the slits slightly and find the small triangle ones (mark them if you want)
Next you'll need to pull it out from this flap (pic 10) now it's out (pic 11) now find all of them and pull them out (pic 12)

Now you'll need to make the flaps stick out like in pic do that just bend it Inwards and fold it over just do what you gotta do with out breaking it.
Finally youll need to "primp" the top there sides by pulling the flaps (pic 14,15,16,17, and 18)

VIOLA... Your done and it looks like a rose now!! To close it up just push the flaps down and put the "leaves" back inside the cube.

Now I have to go into walmart where I shall leave it to brighten someone's day :D Hope you Enjoyed