Introduction: Origami Samurai Helmet

Create this origami samurai helmet in a few simple steps!


  • Paper
  • Scissors

Step 1: If You Have a Rectangular Piece of Paper...

If you have a rectangular piece of paper, you will need to cut it into a square. You can do this by taking the top right corner of the paper and folding it down towards the bottom side of the rectangle until the right side of the paper is even with the bottom side of the paper. You should end up with a triangle on the right and a rectangular strip on the left. Cut the rectangular strip off with scissors and discard it. You now have a square piece of paper folded in half.

If you already have a square piece of paper, just fold the opposite corners together to make the triangle in the third picture above.

Step 2:

    Start with the square folded in half from the last step. With the longest side at the top, fold the left and right corners down towards the bottom corner. You should end up with a diamond shape.

    Step 3:

      Fold both of the bottom two corners back up to the top of the diamond. Your paper should still look like a diamond, but with two flaps on the top half.

      Step 4:

        Fold the top corners of the flaps about 45 degrees out to make little points poking out of the diamond.

        Step 5:

          Fold the first flap from the bottom corner up about four fifths so it almost covers the top half of the diamond.

          Step 6:

            Fold up the last fifth over the fold just made and onto the the top half, as shown in the picture above.

            Step 7:

            Push on the side corners of the diamond so you can see space inside the hat. Fold the remaining bottom flap inside the hat, so it looks like the second picture above.

            Step 8:

            Congratulations! You've completed the Origami Samurai Helmet. You can put it on the edge of your laptop computer, set it on a shelf and forget about it, or look for more Origami Instructables and start a collection.