Introduction: Origami Senbazuru Cranes (Kissing)

This is a Japanese form of paper cranes called Senbazuru. The word literally means 1000 cranes. This is an extremely hard form to master in which certain cuts and folds are made in the paper before folding the cranes. If you have no knowledge of making an origami crane then this will probably confuse the crap out of you.

Step 1: 1.Tools

Uhm... Paper. That's all you need. I mean you could use scissors but those are for noobs.

Step 2: 2.The Setup

1. Fold and tear the paper into a square
2. Fold in half diagonal and horizontal
3. Rip (or cut) the paper down the horizontal line and stop right before the middle
4. Do the preliminary base for all the squares
The heads are going to be in the middle

Step 3: 3. Start the Foldage

1. Fold the whole thing in half like the picture cause i can't really explain it that well...
2. Fold the side in to make a ice cream type shape
3. Pretend like the ice cream melted by folding the tip down
4. Fold up the top layer of paper as shown in photo
5. Do this to both sides of the square
6. Do this to the square opposite the one you're working on
7. Then unfold the whold thing
8. Fold the two that you just made up
9. Repeat steps 2-6 on the next preliminary bases

Step 4: 4. Advance the Foldage

1. Narrow the bottom parts on the top layer only
2. Repeat on back side
3. Repeat on the opposite piece
4. Then unfold it
5. Repeat steps 1-3 on the other pieces

Step 5: 5. Getting the Wings and Head

1. Fold the first flap towards the top
2. Do this on all sides
3. Fold the big bottom part towards the middle
4. Do this for all sides
5. Unfold the layers to make it look like the picture
6. Fold the head part down some
7. Fold the wings down
8. Repeat steps 1-7 to the rest of the somethings

Step 6: Finished Product

Remember to take your time on making these. Things like this takes practice and patience. It took me three tries before i got it to look just right. This is really hard to do so be prepared to make many attempts.