Introduction: Origami Shuriken

Here is how to make origami shurikens, or throwing ninja stars, in easy to follow steps.
You only need one supply:

  • a single sheet of square paper

There are a few steps that requires cutting the paper, which can be done by ripping it by hand. However, scissors are recommended if you have trouble making a clean cut.
Caution: Supervise younger children if you decide to use scissors.

Step 1: Square Sheet of Paper

For those who already have a square sheet of paper, or know how to make one, skip this step.
To make a square sheet of paper, take any paper and fold it diagonally as seen in the image. Cut away any excess paper.

Step 2: Cut the Paper in Half

First, cut the paper in half horizontally. You can rip the paper or use scissors, as long as the cut in clean and the two halves are of equal size.

Step 3: Fold in Half

Take one of the piece of paper and fold it in half hotdog style.

Step 4: Create a Crease

Fold the piece of paper hamburger style. Next, unfold it to create a crease on the center of the paper, as seen in the picture.

Step 5: Fold the Arms

Fold the right side of the crease, or the right arm, 90 degrees upward. Make sure the bottom part of the arm lines up to the center crease. In the images, there are two dots that shows where the lower section of the arm and the crease should meet. Also, the dotted line shows where the center crease is, and where the arm should be folded. Repeat on the left arm, but downward instead of up.

Step 6: Create Pyramids

Turn over the paper. There should be two squares on the sides. Take the upper right corner of the right square, and fold it on top of the lower left corner. This will create a pyramid shape on the top. Repeat the step on the bottom square. The images show two dots where the corners should meet, and a dotted line where the fold is made.

Step 7: Repeat

Repeat Step 3 through 6 with the other half of the paper you cut.
Attention: Do not repeat Step 5 exactly. The right arm is to be folded downwards instead of up. Similarly, the left arm will be folded up, not down. The direction of the folds cannot be the same between the two pieces of the paper, or the remaining steps will not work. The image shows the first half of the paper (labeled 1) with the right arm folded up. The second half (labeled 2) has the right arm folded down. The last image shows what you should have up to now.

Step 8: Place on Top

Flip one of the piece over so both pieces are not showing the same side. The examples on the images has been changed to help distinguish the two pieces. Place piece A, the side with two pyramids, on top of piece B as the image shows.

Step 9: Tuck Corners In

Tuck the corners of piece B underneath piece A. The first image shows where the corners should fit by matching the dot to the dot, and the star with the star. Upon tucking in the corners, fold piece B as shown.

Step 10: Flip and Repeat

Turn over the piece. Repeat the step, but this time tucking in piece A's corners underneath piece B.

Step 11: Finished

You have finished making an origami shuriken! Make sure all the corners are tightly tucked in, or they will unravel. Now that you know how to make these throwing stars, make a handful of them and have a ninja fight!

Warning: Avoid aiming towards a person's face. The tips of the shuriken are very pointy if made correctly. They can damage one's eyes if not careful. It is recommended to wear eye protection if one is to engage in said ninja fights.