Introduction: Origami ‘Soldier Slugs’

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Easy DIY Origami “Soldier Slugs”
Whether it’s for a decoration, gift, or for fun, these little “soldier slugs” (as I like to call them) are a great craft for beginners.


- printer paper
- scissors (optional)
- glue or tape

Step 1: Cutting the Paper to Size

You can make these in a bigger size, but for this particular instructable we’ll be using smaller rectangles (7.1cm x 10.8cm). Don’t worry! No need to measure them out, just fold your paper as shown in the images. Cut along the folds (or cease each fold on both sides and you should be able to rip the paper neatly)
This will give you 8 rectangles.
You only need two of these rectangles: one for the slug and one for the ‘shell’. I have coloured paper, so I will be using orange and blue (which required me to cut 2 different sheets of paper.)

Step 2: Making the ‘Shell’

This will be the ‘Shell’ or outside of your soldier slugs. You will need one of your rectangles.

Step 3: The Slug

This will be the slug’s body. Folding this is very similar to folding the shell. The last step is slightly different.

(You can also add some eyes to your little slug if you’d like!)

Step 4: Constructing the Soldier Slug

This is probably the simplest step. Just place the shell on top of your slug! Make sure the slugs head is outside of the shell, and voila! (You can tape or glue the shell on so it won’t fall off)

Now you have a little Soldier Slug, (or snail, or whatever you’d like to call it)!

Step 5: Video

Here is a video of me making the 'Soldier Slug'.

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