Introduction: Origami Soma Cuba

A soma cube is a 3x3x3 cube. It consists of seven puzzle pieces. This one is made entirely out of paper. There are loads of different puzzles pieces that you can make. You can make the ones that I did or you can find some other combination of puzzle pieces to make it fit.


  • 7 pieces of colored construction paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil or pen
  • Tape (if necessary)

Step 1: Part 1 of Making the Flaps

For each box, you will need 6 flaps which will add up to 162 flaps total. To start off, you will need a sheet of colored construction paper. Using the ruler and pencil, make as many 2 inch by 2 inch squares as you can. Cut out the squares.

To fold, first fold one of the squares in half. Then, fold the sides in until they meet at the center fold you just made. Next, fold the paper in half, opposite the way you folded the sides in. Unfold the fold you just made.

Step 2: Part 2 of Making the Flaps

The paper should look like a hot dog. Take the bottom right-hand corner and fold it up so that it makes a triangle and lines up with the center fold you made in the last step. Now, take the top left-hand corner and do the same thing you just did with the other corner. Your paper should look like a rhombus. Unfold your paper until you end up with the square that you started with.

Step 3: Part 3 of Making the Flaps

Now you should have the square that you started with. From the triangle folds that you made, you should have two tiny triangle folds on two of the corners. Fold the tiny triangles over like in picture 1. Do the same on the other side. Now take the first triangle fold that you made, and fold it again. Then fold the part where the tiny triangle fold is and fold it on top of the first triangle fold. Do it to the other triangles. You may need to squeeze in the other triangle to make it work. If you turn the paper over, it should look like picture 4. Make sure your paper is on the opposite side that it is in picture 4. Fold the points straight up so that when you fold both of them up, the paper should look like a square with an x through the center. Make six of these per box/cube. You will eventually need to make 162 of these flaps.

Step 4: Making the Boxes

Like I said before, you are going to need 6 flaps per box. To make the box, take one of the points of the flap and slide it into one of the openings in another flap's x. Look at pictures 1 and 2 for help. Keep doing that with each flap. Make sure that all the points are secure in a flap's x. When you get to the last flap, there will be two points that you will need to fold out to get the last flap in there. For help, look at pictures 3 and 4. Then fold the flaps that are sticking up into that flap's x. If you did it correctly, it will create box with no points sticking out, like in picture 5. Do this with all of your flaps. There should be a total of 27 boxes.

Step 5: Making the Puzzle Pieces

You will need three to four boxes in order to make each puzzle piece. To start, get two boxes that you made. Take two of the points out of the x that they were in, like in picture 1. Now, fit the pieces together like in picture 2. Slide the points into the on of the other box's x, like in picture 3. Then, the boxes should fit together.

Step 6: The Possibilities of Puzzle Pieces

To make the puzzle pieces, you will put the boxes together like in the previous step in any arrangement you choose as shown in some of the examples above. However, you need to make sure that the pieces you make eventually can be put together to make a 3x3x3 cube. You can use my example or find another one somewhere else.

(NOTE: If the pieces aren't staying together well or keep falling apart, you can use tape to put them together)

Step 7: Solving the Puzzle

The steps to put the soma cube together are shown above. Congratulations!!!! You have completed an Origami Soma Cube! Have fun playing with this and stumping your friends who try to put it together.

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