Introduction: Origami Tato Envelope

Learn how to make a simple origami 'Tato' envelope with these easy to follow step by step instructions. Origami Tatos or envelopes are a good alternative to store-bought cards and envelopes and you can even include a small gift inside too. Tatos are traditionally used to hold money. For this envelope, you will need one sheet of square paper, it is helpful if your paper has a different color or pattern on each side so that the design shows.

Step 1:

1. Start with the paper diagonal, like a diamond.

2. Fold the paper in half, left to right, then fold it top to bottom. You will be left with creases as shown.

3. Fold the bottom corner up, with about one-third of the point above the central fold. It doesn't have to be exact.

4. Now fold the flap back down, making sure that it aligns with the coral fold (it may not reach the bottom).

Step 2:

5. Fold the flap up to the very center.

6. You will now repeat these steps on the other corners. Fold the right corner over to meet the one-third edge of the bottom section.

7. Fold the flap back to the right, keeping aligned with the center.

8. Fold the flap back to the left.

9. Repeat on the top corner.

10. Repeat on the left corner.

11. This what you should have.

12. Open the left flap out again, we will be opening the bottom flap a little as well.

13. Push the left flap into place whilst holding the bottom flap open a little.

14. Make sure to flatten it nicely.

Step 3: PDF of Origami Tato Envelope Instructions