Introduction: Origami Throwing Star

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This is just an origami throwing star. It's not that hard to make, and the pictures are pretty good. Fun to play with and throw at siblings!

1 8.5 by 11" sheet of printing paper
a flat surface

Step 1: Prepping Your Paper

Get a sheet of paper, but dont squarize it. Fold it in half to get fig 1. Lick the edge on the fold to get fig 2.
Rip the page along the wet part(fig 3) to get fig 4.

Step 2: Starting the Star

Fold one of the halves in half to get fig 1. Do that again for a fig 2. Then crease this in half sideways to get fig 3.

Step 3: Making a Unit

Pay close attention. Fold one of the ends up on the crease you just made to make it look like fig 1. Then do that for the other side to get fig 2. Flip that over and look at on of the flaps. Fold it over from fig 3 to fig 4. Do that for the other one to get a fig 5. After that flip it over. Then do what fig 6 says. Do that for the other side, and you should now have a fig 7. Make another one of these using the other half sheet of paper.

Step 4: Make a Star Out of Useless Flaps

Take the 2 units and place them like fig 1. Flip it over and fold this flap down in fig 2. Do that for fig 3, too. Fold the extras down to get a fig 4. Tuck in one flap into another like in fig 5. Push in completely to end up with a fig 7. Do that for the other side, too.

Step 5: DONE!

You have now just finished an origami throwing star! Have fun!