Introduction: Origami Vulture Droid

About: I am a lego and crafts enthusiast who is a major nerd. Yep. That's it.

I created this design with the obvious inspiration from star wars. I was annoyed that the star wars official version needed 3 pieces of paper, so I designed my own. This one is more resource-efficient, and a lot easier to make.
Once again, this contains origami lingo that a majority of the population may not understand. If you are confronted with an unfamiliar term, please look it up.

Also, please note tht most of the steps rely heavily on images, aside from step 1 that assumes you know how to make a crane base.


One square sheet of paper

Step 1: The Base

Start with a crane base.

Step 2: Base Part 2

Fold the points upwards, around the top "pyramid". Squash fold the pockets formed as shown on all sides. Unfurl the corners to form the shape shown. Ignore the random "webs" of paper inside; just make sure they do not form bumps on the exterior of the model.

Step 3: The Wings

Crease as shown in the images, then use the middle crease as a guide to outside reverse fold the wings. Repeat on all sides as shown.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Fold the body in half and then outwards, as shown. Inside reverse fold the body front to shape it, then fold the wings away from each other as shown.