Introduction: Origami Yoda

Alright, so..

This isn't intended to be too serious, and I'm only doing this because I have to for a grade. However, I did put effort into this and tried to simplify the process as much as I could. The final product is shown in the image above.

Step 1: Ingredients / Components

First of all, obviously, you'll need a piece of paper in which is square, not rectangular. If you don't have one of those, it is possible to make one through a rectangular piece of paper.

Simply fold a corner (it doesn't matter which) until you reach the corner on the other side of the paper horizontally. (an example is folding the right corner until the left corner folds in on itself.) after this, there will be an excess rectangle at the bottom or top of your fold. Cut this off with scissors, going along the part in which isn't folded over. After this, you should have a square piece of paper.

The color doesn't particularly matter, but if you want, you can use a green colored paper, as the project IS about making Yoda.

Step 2: Pre-folding

First, fold the paper so that there is a crease diagonally on the paper going both ways, so that there is an X in the middle. After, fold it so that there is a crease going through the middle, like (l). Then, finally, fold it horizontally, like (-) going through the middle as well.

An example of what your paper should look like after this is shown above.

Step 3: First Folds

After this is done, take the bottom of the paper and fold it the center, or to meet the horizontal line and crease it at the bottom. Example above.

Next, turn the paper so that you are facing the back, (the opposite side you just folded on), and fold the top right and top left corners to the center, as shown.

Afterward, unfold the 2 corners you just folded, and then fold those to corners so that the edges meet at the top and bottom of the paper, still on the backside. Example shown above.

Step 4: Smaller Scale Folding

From there, take the corners of the squares that are now apparent at the bottom of the paper. (Top right corner for left square, Top left corner for right square.) Then fold them diagonally in the direction they are pointing oppositely, and fold them to make a small triangle on both sides. Example above.

Step 5: Confusing Kinds of Folding

Take the square on the right, and place your finger into the pouch and press against the right side, until the paper folds outwards. This will create A separate triangle. make sure your finger goes to the bottom to avoid unnecessary creases. Example above

Step 6: Even More Confusing

After this, take the top of the right side (particularly the top right corner) and fold it towards the middle. This will cause a second triangle to form if done correctly. Once the triangle formed becomes even with the triangle in the background, press down and fold. Example above.

Alternative Technique: You can unfold right side to then refold the top right corner to the middle, and then move that corner to then meet the top middle. If done correctly, this will form the second triangle by default.

Once this is done, repeat this to the left or opposite side.

Step 7: Ears

After the previous, fold the top of the paper (where the triangles meet) to the top middle of the rectangle at the bottom. Example shown.

then, fold the top left and top right corners toward the top middle of the rectangle as well.

Then, refold these triangles so that they are pointing outward.

Step 8: Backside

Then, fold to the back. here, you can make makeshift eyes by again folding them into triangles and making them into a pouch. Then fold the bottom in slightly along with the top to make the face.

Step 9: Creases

Make creases along the lines in the ears. Then, make creases halfway in between the 2 rectangles at the bottom. Push it's head in, and compress it a little. afterwards, so whatever you want for the robe, personally I folded the left side in and back out, while creasing the top down to appear as an arm. After this, your done!