Introduction: Origami Rose

well the title explains it.

Step 1: Folding

fist you will need a square piece of paper then you will fold the design on the inside.
then fold the flap to the inside(see picture)
then fold until the piece looks like last photo.

Step 2: Folding (again)

cross fold

Step 3: Folding (some More)

now fold until you reach the middle (see pic)
then repeat on the other fold (the other one down the center)

Step 4: Hard Part

alright now you will have to manipulate the paper to look like the fold.

Step 5: Widmill!

now take the flaps and fold them in windmill fashion (once again. pics)
then flatten the pyramid to a flat square. (alright now every time you see * just look at the pics. Alright?)

Step 6: Rosy

now you must take the flap an pull it to the other flap. *

Step 7: Almost There

ok you are almost done.
what you now need to do is to take the flower and roll it up in your hand. *
turn it upside down then... well it is pretty hard to explain, just look at the pics.
you need to fold down the flaps kind of like the pic.

Step 8: Then Keep Folding

keep folding unto itself.

Presto you are done with your flower!

now you can give it to someone you like as is, or you can make it into a bouquet.

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