Introduction: Original Button

This is Original Button using a laser cutting machine.

Title     : Let's make an original button
Detail  : make button with the illustration of the freehand drawing
Target : the person who is not good at a PC, Computer beginners,Little child,and so on...
Required time : 2 hours
An aim:
  The person coming for the first time in f.Labo interest in manufacturing in f.Labo
  Width of the originality opens in "the illustration of the freehand drawing becoming the button" and "painting with one's favorite color"
Point that an undertaker thinks of :
  Distribute The staff who makes data for processing and The staff who does laser material processing
  Time for processing is 2-3 minutes, so participant can enjoy the processing time without being too long

Original Button

Step 1: Things to Prepare

Environment :
  Desk to be able to draw an illustration on
  The outdoor space that can use spray
  Laser material processing machine

material : transparence-colored acrylic board(I recommend 2mm)

The tool which a participant uses :
  design paper
  Acrylic plate
  Oily color magic

The tool which the staff uses :
  laser cutting machine
  Clear spray (possible in painting use)
  Trial product to introduce to a participant

Print design paper and process the plate beforehand.

Step 2: Design

Because scan it later,  acquire a color black well.

Step 3: Coloring

Paint an acrylic board with the oiliness magic of the color that wants to make a button.

Step 4: Making of Data for Processing

1. Scan design paper
2. Make black and white in PS
3. Choose the outline of the frame partially and copy it 
4. Reject pasting in Illustrator
5. Reduce in 40% and merge the direction
6. Autotracing and am expanded
7. Match a position with data for processing
8. Do it centering on the center point of each button, and reverse it to the vertical direction

Step 5: Processing

The plane where I painted in a color is the face.

Step 6: Coating

Coat it with spray not to discolor.

Step 7: Finished Goods