Ornament Cookies

Introduction: Ornament Cookies

These little ornament cookies are real easy to make and are super tasty.


- Entire Package of Oreo Creme Sandwich Cookies Golden - Family Size

- 3 Packets of Nestle Hot Cocoa

- 1/2 cup Hot Water

- 12 oz package of White Chocolate

- Mini Reese Cups

- Small Paper Clips (Not Edible)

Step 1: Make Hot Cocoa

I used 3 packets of the Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix and 1/2 cup of hot water.

Step 2: Separate the Oreos

Separate all the fillings from the cookie. Discard the filling.

Step 3: Dip Cookies Into Hot Cocoa

Dip 1/3 of the cookies into the hot cocoa and place in a food processor.

Step 4: Add the Remaining Cookies and Pulse

Add the remaining 2/3 of the cookies and pulse until you get a dough-like texture.

Step 5: Make the Filling Into Balls

Shape the dough into small balls

Step 6: Melt White Chocolate

Heat a small amount of water in a saucepan. Turn the heat to simmer and place a bowl on top. Add the white chocolate and melt over low heat.

Step 7: Dip Filling Balls Into Melted White Chocolate

Dip the filing balls into the melted white chocolate.

Step 8: Add Reese Pieces Cups

Top with mini Reese cups and hold together with a paper clip to get the full ornamental experience. Make sure to tell your guests not to eat the paper clips. :)

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    That is an interesting way to make it dipping cookies into hot chocolate! Sounds tasty :)

    Garden Girl Recipes
    Garden Girl Recipes

    Reply 1 year ago

    They were super delicious! I had to tell everyone to stop eating them so I could snap a few pictures for this instructable.