Introduction: Oscilloscope 3channel on Arduino

Oscilloscopes are used by electronics enthusiasts , hobbyists and it is one of the common tools on a workbench . Oscilloscopes are expensive, so I’ll show you how to make a simple oscilloscope using the Arduino . We will need arduino, breadboard and wires. I will use a computer tone generator to check the operation of our oscilloscope.

Step 1: Connections

Connections :

  • GND to GND
  • LEFT to A0
  • RIGHT to A1

Step 2: Sketch and Test

After connecting the jack to the arduino. Connect the arduino to the computer and upload the sketch.

Now connect the jack cable to the arduino and computer.Run the oscilloscope program and set: your COM port, baud Rate on 115200 and osciloscope on channel 1,2,3. Open the page to check the oscilloscope operation

Link To files