Introduction: Ouch ! That Must Hurt ! Fridge Magnets.

What if magnets were put in front of the subject instead of on its back ? Well, that must hurt !
I can't draw. Michele, my elder son, au contraire, is good with pencils so we teamed up.


Step 1: Parts

The parts you need are simple:

drawing tools
strong white paper
rare earth magnets
a fridge

Step 2: Draw, or Snap Photo Then Print and Cut...

First you need to draw your character. Attached you can find the ones Michele drew.

You could also take a picture of yourself in an unconfortable pose. You will place the magnet in the most (un)appropriate position...

Step 3: Finito !

In the picture We glued one of the pebbles on a magnet We took from a hard disk drive.
Then we glued the assembly on the character.

We glued a Supermag as a stake on the vampire's earth for the second fridge magnet.

Have fun