Introduction: Oui Jar Sticker Remover

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I starting buying the Oui yogurt after I saw the commercial and thought "I could use those jars for soooo many things". If you are reading this instructable, I know you were thinking the same thing!

So, here is the VERY EASY way to remove sticker residue!

Supplies Needed:

Oui jars (of course)

Dawn dishwashing liquid (I had green apple on hand but any variety will work)

Baking soda

Scrubber (rough side of a sponge)

Step 1: Soak Jars & Mix Ingredients

Soak the jars in warm water for about 3 minutes so you can peel off the sticker. The sticker is plastic, so it comes off in one piece, which is nice!

While jars are soaking, mix together the Dawn and Baking Soda to make a toothpaste consistency.

Step 2: Coat Jar With Paste

Spread the paste on the jar. I used my finger and it cleaned my nails nicely. If you have nail polish on, I'd suggest gloves!

Leave paste on the jars for about 5 minutes

Step 3: Lightly Scrub Jar

Honestly, it did not take much work to get the sticky residue off the jar. The paste did most of the work for me!

Rinse/scrub jars under warm water then dry the jar. If there is remaining residue, simply scrub a bit more with the rough sponge on the spot that is being difficult.