Introduction: Our Homopolar Electromagnetic Motor

Today we are learning how to make a Homopolar Electromagnetic Motor.

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • 1 foot long wire (copper wire)
  • 2-4 magnets (we used ceramic disc magnets)
  • Battery (we used a C battery)
  • aluminum foil (only if you have Ceramic Disc Magnets)

Step 2: Tools Needed

  • Pliers (small tipped)

Step 3: Forming the Wire

1) Find the middle of your wire and make a good size twist in it.

2) Next to the twist extend your wire straight out on both sides. Then after a inch or two of wire grab your pliers and make a 90 degree turn facing downward. Make sure that your twist is facing downward to.

3) Next you have to leave about two to three inches of untouched wire and the make another 90 degree turn but this time facing the middle.

4) This time leave a centimeter or less of untouched wire. With the extra space you should have in the middle start making a medium sized circle with the extra wire you have left.

Step 4: How the Wire Should Look

The wire should look like the wire in the picture but maybe a bit nicer.

Step 5: Size

Try your wire and see if it fits through the battery.

Step 6: Magnets

We used Ceramic Disc Magnets. So to make the motor work with the magnets we are using aluminum foil that we are going to wrap around the magnets. All we did was get a pice of aluminum foil and wrapped it around four Ceramic Disc Magnets.

Step 7: Putting It Together

1) Attach the magnet to the magnet wrapped in aluminum foil.

Step 8: Still Putting It All Together

2) Put the wire on, after that you will get a electromagnetic motor.

Step 9: Homopolar Electromagnetic Motor

Now you know how to make a homopolar electromagnetic motor.

Step 10: You Are Finally Done

Now you know how to make a homopolar electromagnetic motor!

Step 11: Tips

If you flip your magnet upside down and put the wire on the negative side, your motor 
would spin the opposite direction but it will spin a lot slower.  

Step 12: Tips

Sometimes you have to give it a little push to make it spin.

Step 13: Tips

For this homopolar electromagnetic motor, small batteries like A or AA 
wouldn't work. 

Step 14: Tips

You can't put tape, glue, paper, etc. on your electromagnetic motor 
because it will disrupt the connection between the battery and the 

Step 15: Video's of the Homopolar Electromagnetic Motor

video's of the motor working.