Introduction: Our Solar System Interactive Model

What is better than looking at pictures and reading stories about the Solar System? How about creating your own interactive Solar System!

In this project, you will have the opportunity to research about the planets and objects of our Solar System. Practice writing scripts for recording. Create a 3D model using clay or playdough. Code your Makey-Makey using Scratch. Lastly, share your creations with the world!


  • Playdough or clay

Step 1: Research About the Solar System

1. Use the template attached to research information about the planets.

2. When researching try to be detailed. The more information you have the better your project will be!

3. You may want to split the research with your teammate(s) to make it easier.

Step 2: Script Writing

  1. In this step you will write out exactly what you want to say on each part of your project.
  2. For example, "I am the sun, the center of your Solar System. I am over 4.5 billion years old. I am made mostly of hydrogen and helium. I am around 10,000 degrees but I think I'm pretty cool!

Step 3: Getting Ready to Code With Scratch

1. Open Scratch using your device (you may want to create an account to save progress)

2. In Scratch you will use 2 basic code blocks (Sound and Events)

Step 4: Coding

  1. Make sure Code tab is selected.
  2. Click on the yellow events circle.(See picture)
  3. Select the When {space} pressed code block(see picture)
  4. Click on the purple sounds circle. (See picture)
  5. Select the play sound {meow} until done.
  6. Click where it says record.
  7. Press the red button and record your script for one planet.
  8. After recording, save your recording as the name of the planet.
  9. Repeat this process for each planet or object you have done research on.

Step 5: Create Your Interactive Model

Using clay or play dough, create models of each planet and the other objects in the Solar System.

You can see the different ideas in the pictures.

Models can be built on paper or on boxes to help hide the wires of the Makey-Makey.

Step 6: Connect Your Makey Makey

  1. Follow the directions to connect your Makey Makey.
  2. Connect your Makey Makey board to your computer using the USB cord.
  3. Use the alligator clips and white wires to connect each planet or object to the Makey Makey board.
  4. In Scratch, set each planet to the correct connection on your Makey Makey Board (See Picture)

Step 7: Show Off Your Work!

Set up a gallery walk or allow students to present their projects!

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